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Why do you do what you do (I am constantly asked)?
Because I have been judged and labeled a misfit again and again.
Because I was bullied and ridiculed in school and I had no one to turn to for help.
Because I desperately tried to fit in unsuccessfully.
Because I have lost everything just as I achieved what I had wanted and had worked so hard for. More than once.
Because I experienced the anguish of having my life not work for me in so many ways I lost count.
Because all the despair and chronic stress from all these losses culminated in my becoming seriously suicidal.
And because I found a way to overcome my suicidal tendencies naturally without ever taking a drug for it, which later enabled me to create a system based on the tools that I was given.
I went from feeling complete hopelessness to a fulfilling life, in which there is great joy and peace.
And because you can have a shortcut to this experience now. Because your life is not meant to be hard. Truthfully, fulfillment, peace and joy are your birthright. Are you ready to experience them today?

What Causes Stress

Modern living has many advantages, yet the frantic pace of our lifestyle brings many challenges with it.

Does this describe YOU?

Your schedule is filled up, you have lots of deadlines, you juggle too many tasks simultaneously, caring for children and parents, or you are a single parent.

The list goes on forever and your stress levels are consistently high. You deal daily with the effects of the economy, the uncertainty of your job, the challenges with your spouse and kids, your kids leaving home or being at risk for using drugs, maybe you got divorced, or you may even have an ongoing combination of these. If any of these resonate with you, it is imperative that you take steps NOW to release stress from your body, before it begins to break down!

Stress and the Immune System

Stress is the number one killer in modern Western societies, because it suppresses the Immune System, increases inflammation and accelerates degeneration of the cells in the body. Without the protection from the Immune System, the cells are completely vulnerable to attack from outside agents, like bacteria, and also from the unchecked inflammation chemicals produced in the body. Thus, having an effective tool for quick stress release is fundamental for good health.

Are you feeling trapped in depression and dying dreams? Suffocating under the weight of overwhelm and anxiety? My clients become free to live fulfilling, productive, peaceful and joyous lives.

How the Easy Stress Solutions protocol is different

Stress many times manifests as repetitive patterns of undesired behavior such as eating disorders, insomnia, smoking, and others. By addressing all 3 components of Health simultaneously, the Creative/Spiritual, the Emotional, and the Physical aspects, the stress release is lasting.

My core belief is that energy misalignment is the cause of all dis-eases, and that most, if not all, of our diseases start with unprocessed or suppressed emotions. My protocol is based on Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release the emotions that create undesirable patterns in your life. I also incorporate Nutrition and Detoxification in my holistic approach to health, and breathing exercises coupled with movement to achieve optimal health. I have studied Homeopathy, Herbs and Energy Healing for the last 2 decades.

About Dr. Chrys

After recovering physically from a head on collision at the end of 2008, I experienced PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with persistent suicidal tendencies. None of the natural remedies I knew was helping me and I was hanging out in a really dangerous neighborhood in my own mind. At that time a friend of mine introduced me to EFT, and with it alone I recovered completely from my PTSD without ever filling a prescription drug! After my own miracle I chose to study and become proficient in it, and I am now including an even more effective tool, Faster EFT, in my protocol. I am a Chiropractor, with over 11 years of experience in family practice.

Faster EFT and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Faster EFT, created by Robert Smith, introduces a pattern interruption in the thoughts that create the programs that run automatically in our bodies. This is done through tapping on acupressure points and through a neural re-patterning blend of NLP and hypnosis.

EFT, created by Gary Craig, is a technique to restore the energy flow along the meridians in your body through light tapping on points on the head, torso, and hands.