Can You Hear Me Now? Your Body’s Manifesto

I am the most miraculous creation in the Universe. I am an autonomous, intelligent machine with self-healing capabilities. Energy and energy alone sustains me. Without your interference, I know how to transform the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat into the energy I require for optimal function. I know how to separate and expel the toxins from the air, water and food you give me, so that no harm happens to you.

I thrive in good sources of energy, from physical sources, i.e., air, water and food, emotional sources, such as Love and Community, and creative sources, such as Joy and Laughter.

I work optimally when I am well rested. After a good night’s sleep, all of my internal regulation systems are properly calibrated and ready to start a new day.

I give you my unconditional support and reflect back to you the areas that need improvement.

Yet you continue to poison me slowly with toxin laden energy sources. The air, water and food you give me do not break down into the energy I need to operate optimally.

Your slumped posture doesn’t reflect the magnificence that I am. You breathe shallow breaths and my lungs, brain and tissues don’t get enough air.

You rarely drink enough water, which is my main component, and when you do, it is filled with toxic substances I cannot break down, so they end up accumulating in blood vessels and in the liver. I have to pull water from your internal tissues to fill my requirements, and this usually makes you constipated.

You eat so called foods, with additives and chemicals that I can’t digest and convert into usable fuel, thus you feel constantly hungry.

You let unresolved emotions from your past interfere with your present, which perpetuates the cycles of sorrow, anger and discontent.

You abuse me in all possible ways, expecting me to function properly. And when I reflect back to you the results of your misguided handling of me, you blame me for the wreck you caused and you tell me that I betrayed you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am an intelligent machine, with self-healing capabilities, that you ignore and mistreat consistently.

I speak to you in the language of feelings and you suppress them because you don’t understand the message. You ignore me until the subtle clues I give you become loud screams of pain and anguish.

You punish me, the messenger, when I give you “bad feelings” with prescription or recreational drugs, rather than identifying the source of these feelings. You ignore your feelings as if they were things to be avoided, rather than rejoicing in the message they bring, because you are a sentient being.

You are constantly at war with me and 7.2 billion people at war with themselves create a war-based world.

When, now, would be a good time for you to start listening to my whispers?

In full and unconditional service to you, I remain,

Your faithful body.

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  1. dkzody
    1825 days ago

    Thanks for stopping by and chatting. Our bodies do take a beating with the way we treat them. Bad food, bad air, too little sleep, too much stress, and then, as you said, those prescriptions. I am so against taking medicines, even small amounts, as my body rebels to most. My dr is very good and knows this. Fortunately, good diet and exercise, and leaving teaching, have helped me feel really good.

    • Chrys Ghiraldini
      1825 days ago

      Thank you for your comment,dkzody. I am so glad that you found a system that works to keep you healthy and a dr that respects your choices! Stay tuned for more info coming soon. :)