Causes of Stress – External Sources Of Toxicity During Summer

The two big sellers during summertime are sunblocks and insect repellents, and most commercial brands are toxic.

 Sunblocks – contain EDTA, a preservative, toxic to your cells and to your genetic information,    causing developmental and reproductive problems. It also contains parabens, substances that prolong its shelf life and that are carcinogenic. Lastly, it contains propylene glycol, also known as antifreeze. I am amazed  that these toxic poisons, which have strict disposal guidelines, end up in your food or toiletries!

So what can you do about sun exposure?

Expose yourself to the sun early in the morning, between 8 and 11 am, and later in the afternoon, after 4 pm. The advantages of this practice is that you get Vitamin D production from the best source: sunlight.
Choose organic, natural sunscreens if you are going to use them. Google them online.

Tips on how to read sunscreen labels:
-the ONLY two active ingredients are: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide -zinc is better than titanium.
-buy non-nano particles.
-check if an antioxidant is included (Vitamin E, aka Tocopheryl acetate, green tea, etc.)
-No retinyl palmitate, aka synthetic Vitamin A.
-No parabens, synthetic or unlabeled “fragrances” – that’s a general rule for all body products.

As a rule of thumb, the more you can pronounce the other ingredients, the better!

  Insect Repellents – contain DEET, a highly toxic substance, specially if inhaled or ingested. It causes skin and eye irritation, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. It affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) and causes drowsiness, seizures and an altered mental status.

Granted, most of these conditions happen after high exposure or ingestion. Yet, considering that we are constantly exposed to toxicity in our environment, a sudden reaction can happen, in which a small amount of the new toxic substance puts our immune system over the threshold of what it can handle, and trigger a massive reaction instantaneously. Why take a chance?

Choose natural insect repellents, based on citronella oil. Take bitter herbs to make your blood bitter and unappealing to bugs. The same holds true for garlic, insects don’t like its taste in the blood.

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