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NEW  NEW!! -     Money Management 101 – 21 Proven Money Saving Tips – Only $0.99

Money Management and StressBecause nothing stresses people out more than money challenges!

“You Have $1.6 Million Waiting For You…”

It’s amazing how many people play the lottery every day trying to win millions of dollars when they already have the money in their hands.

“In MY hands? But I don’t have any money.” Yes, you do. You’re just not seeing the big picture. What we don’t realize is that the little things we spend money on every day adds up. We are literally hemorrhaging millions of dollars in real cash on trivial items that we think we ‘deserve.’

What if I told you that making just a few minor adjustments will give you all of that money back in your wallet? Crazy again? That’s OK. Maybe you feel good about:

- having tried to save money before and ending up more in debt.
- having more days left at the end of the month than money in your bank account.
- staying awake at night wondering how to solve this problem and having no solution in sight.

I’m passionate about your stress and pain because I was once like you. It’s too easy to ‘reward’ ourselves with small purchases, even at the expense of our financial freedom.

“Money Management 101 – 21 Proven Money Saving Tips” sheds the light on simple, immediately usable money-saving strategies that work so well, you’ll have a hard time believing that you didn’t think of these yourself.

Stress and Weight Loss

What if the information you have been given until now about diets is…incomplete? This book reveals the paradigms behind our eating patterns, along with cutting edge tools to permanently release those unwanted pounds. It addresses weight management from a different perspective, which encompasses the Spiritual/Subconscious, Emotional and Physical components that drive our hunger. Only $0.99.

In it you will learn:
- the true reasons your Subconscious sabotages your weight loss programs consistently, and what you can do to release them quickly and safely.
- the most common emotions that drive your eating patterns, and how to neutralize them naturally and safely.
- the truth behind fats and sugars, and why your body needs them for optimal performance.
- the fundamental role sleep and water have in driving your eating patterns.
- the best way to have your meals so that your blood sugar is leveled throughout the day, and therefore, your energy.
- how to best combine foods for best digestion and nourishment.
- the ONE THING that makes this new approach to weight loss easy, fun and effective.

All the tools presented in this book are natural and safe, with absolutely no side effects. They are the most innovative and effective techniques, and therefore, the Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.


Holiday Blues? Unlock and release the underlying emotions behind your eating habits highlighted during the Holiday Season. Only $0.99.

Relieving Stress in the Workplace


Save $100s of dollars with natural and effective ways to prevent disease and illness in your best friend(s).

Stress Solutions For PetsEasy Stress Solutions for Cat And Dog Owners book. Available Jan/2013
Pets Ebook



Increasing Energy with Proper NutritionFrom Burned Out To Fired Up Audio (Full Version). Available Jan/2013
Audio Book


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